Burgeoning Power Bergamo


Burgeoning Power Bergamo

Color: Yellow
Power: 15000
Energy(Color Cost): 3(YY)
Combo Energy: 0
Combo Power: 5000
Character: Bergamo
Special Trait: Alien
Era: Universe Survival Saga
Skill: Blocker (When one of your other cards is attacked, you may switch this card to Rest Mode and change the target of the attack to this card)
Auto: If this card participated in a battle during your opponent's turn, you may place 1 card from your hand in the Drop Area at the end of the battle. If you do so, switch this card to Active Mode, and this card gains +5000 power for the duration of the turn.
Series: Series 3 Booster -CROSS WORLDS-
Rarity: Uncommon[UC]
Number: BT03-103
Cantidad: Comentarios
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