Vegeta Baby // Saiyan Power Vegeta BabySon Goku // Full-Size Power Son Goku


Type: Leader
Color: Green
Power: 10000/15000
Character: Son Goku: GT
Special Trait: Saiyan.
Era: Special
[Auto] When this card attacks a Leader Card, you may choose 1 card in your life and add it to your hand. If you do so, draw 1 card.
[Awaken] When your life is at 4 or less : Choose up to 2 of your energy, switch them to Active Mode, and flip this card over.
Full-Size Power Son Goku
[Permanent] When your opponent has 4 or more Battle Cards in play, this card's attack can't be negated.
[Auto] When this card attacks, draw 1 card, and this card gains +5000 power for the duration of the turn.
[Auto] When this card attacks, if your opponent has 4 or more Battle Cards in play, this card gains [Quadruple Strike] for the duration of the turn.
Series: Promos.
Rarity: Promo.
Number: P-072.

Cantidad: Comentarios

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