SSB Gogeta, Fusion's Pinnacle


SSB Gogeta, Fusion\'s Pinnacle

Type: Battle Card
Color: Red
Power: 30000
Energy (Color Cost): 7(RRR)
Combo Energy: 0
Combo Power: 5000
Character: Gogeta : Br
Special Trait: Siyan
Era: DBS : Broly Saga
Skill:[EX-Evolve]: (R) "Gogeta : Br" with an energy cost of 6. (Play this card on top of the specified card.)
[Triple Strike] (This card inflicts 3 damage instead of 1 when attacking.)
[Auto Sparking 10 (This skill takes effect when you have 10 or more cards in your Drop Area.) When a card evolves into this card, your opponent can't activate skills on Battle Cards for the duration of the turn.
Series: Promos.
Rarity: Promo.
Number: P-093.

Cantidad: Comentarios

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