Son Goku // Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Hero of Universe 7 (Foil)


Son Goku // Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Hero of Universe 7 (Foil)

Color: Red
Power: 10000 // 15000
Energy(Color Cost):
Combo Energy:
Combo Power:
Character: Son Goku
Special Trait: Saiyan/Universe 7
Era: Universe Survival Saga
Skill: Critical (When this card inflicts damage to your opponent's life, they place that many cards in their Drop Area instead of their hand.)
Warrior of Universe 7 (Treat "Universe 7" cards in all areas as if they had no specified cost.)
Awaken When you have a "Universe 7" card in play with 25000 power or more, or your life is at 4 or less : You may draw 2 cards and flip this card over.
Rarity: Starter Rare[ST]
Number: SD11-01
Cantidad: Comentarios

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