Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Universal Impulse (Foil)


Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Universal Impulse (Foil)

Color: Red/Blue
Power: 16000
Energy(Color Cost): 2(RB)
Combo Energy: 1
Combo Power: 10000
Character: Son Goku
Special Trait: Saiyan/Universe 7
Era: Universe Survival Saga
Skill: Energy-Exhaust (If this card is placed in an Energy Area from any area, it must be placed there in Rest Mode.)
Auto When you play this card, it gets +10000 power and you can't play non- "Universe 7" Battle Cards for the duration of the turn.
Auto: When your opponent plays a Battle Card, you may return this card to its owner's hand.
Rarity: Starter Rare[ST]
Number: SD11-03
Cantidad: Comentarios

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